Boltless Shelving

Boltless Shelving is the preferred in the industry

Rivetier Boltless Shelving By SHelf Master Inc.

Boltless storage systems are designed to store bulk and odd shaped items. The Boltless shelving units can be designed to have uninterrupted spans of 96′ without the need for back or side sway braces. The Boltless Shelving units combine diverse storage capabilities and cost effective pricing.

We carry all sizes and widths of boltless shelving


  • Versatile and efficient
  • Provides multiple shelf storage to maximize storage
  • Long span
  • Single rivet beams for maximum vertical space
  • various sizes from 12″ depth to 96″ width
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Boltless construction
  • Assembles in minutes

Boltless shelving assembles quickly and easily. Complete boltless connection, no bolts, screws or pins. No cross bracing is needed which provides access from all four sides of the unit. Available with with many shelf options; particleboard, melamine, wire mesh decking, metal shelves and fire retardant boards.

The strongest and most economical boltless system made

  • Boltless connection means quick and easy assembly. No small parts to misplace. We like to think of it as hassle-free.
  • Reduce installation costs by 30-40% over bolted shelving

Think Easy Access

  • No sway or cross bracing means you’ve got access from all four sides
  • Completely Freestanding

HD SHELVING Carries a wide variety of sizes, from starter units to Add-Ons regardless of your shelving configuration, HD Shelving has your solution.

Where can you use Boltless Shelving?

  • In the Office  as General Storage, Work Stations, File Storage or Record Archiving
  • In a distribution center or warehouse – Inventory control, Record Storage, Picking Operations and tire storage
  • In a Retail Store – Merchandising, Storefront displays, Mobile aisle storage, Backroom storage
  • In Manufacturing – JIT Work Centers, Packaging solutions, Uniform Storage, Multi-level Systems